Michael Jackson

Most thought their marriage was arranged in order to give the king of pop some credibility, after he was accused of molesting a minor.... continued

He is still admired for his vocals as well as dancing.... continued

Many think the glove was just a decoration, but the truth is more complicated.... continued

He not only changed the music genre itself but also introduced a new image of a popular musician: controversial and scandalous, extravagant and eccent... continued

Even after the singer’s death, people couldn’t stop talking about the mysteries left by Michael.... continued

He was particularly fond of Paris, even giving her the nickname Tinkerbell (Michael fancied himself a Peter Pan).gettyimagesREAD ALSO: Paris Jackson S... continued

But Jackson, with all his money and fame, apparently did not have Kardashian-level connections with plastic surgeons.Perhaps, his problem ran much dee... continued

Even though literally his every step was in the center of the media’s attention, there are several things that are still unknown.... continued

Michael would make them wear masks or, at times, thin pieces of fabric, in an effort to hide their faces.gettyimagesHe'd explain it as a way of protec... continued

We’ve watched her videos several times in a row and must say, the girl is indeed very talented.Допис, поширений Paris-Michael K.... continued

So they spend hours and days thinking of possible scenarios that can surprise and impress guests and, at the same time, leave some time for the newlyw... continued

But it doesn’t mean they have nothing to accuse each other of.... continued

And this seems to be a relationship nobody would want to have.Always singing lol pic.twitter.com/P9zTaHk7jE— JohVonnie Jackson (@JNJJackson74) July 12... continued

Jackalope (@parisjackson) Янв 22, 2018 at 5:07 PSTThe actor doesn't have children, but he has a wonderful goddaughter - Michael Jackson's daughter Par... continued

That’s what actually happened in the result of Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson’s work.Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson met and decided to start worki... continued