Prince Charles

At first, the Queen didn’t even want to hear a word about the mistress of Prince Charles.... continued

The birth of little Prince Louis was particularly delightful news for the first in line to the British throne.... continued

gettyimages The couple both attended the Commonwealth Games in Australia to prepare for their future role as King and Queen of Britain.... continued

For many years, the public has been discussing the spouses' mutual infidelity, as well as the fact that each of them was unhappy in the marriage, ... continued

Their attitude towards each other will never be appealing again, as since early ages Diana’s son didn’t approve his father’s behavio... continued

This is the assumption you can make judging from their public appearances, but what happens behind closed doors remains a mystery.... continued

But royals are the same people as we are: they get married, divorce, have children, make mistakes, etc.... continued

So it's no surprise that Prince Charles and his father Prince Philip have had a rocky relationship.... continued

But when we turn the pages of history, many scandals, love affairs, and betrayals will spring upon us.... continued

However, the real attraction in this picture is his hairy little friend – a little red squirrel posing in front of two wooden buckets.... continued

Paley, In All His Glory, and Reflected Glory: The Life of Pamela Churchill Harriman.... continued

Although it’s impossible to know what was really going on inside their heads, but, by all accounts, their married life wasn’t happy to beg... continued

What looked like a fairytale at the start, quickly turned into a nightmare for both of them.... continued

However, the childhood of the future monarch, and Queen Elizabeth’s first-born, wasn’t so cloudless as it may seem at first glance.... continued