Prince Charles

Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating reports that the next-in-line for the crown has intentions to make the country a republic to let it live... continued

Could this be the reason why the Queen prefers Prince Wiliam to be the next King instead?gettyimagesThe rebel prince bookgettyimagesPrince Charles has... continued

Usually, she spends these days at Windsor Castle and goes to a church service at St.... continued

There have been different editions, five different portraits, and four different designers who worked on them.... continued

But Charles didn’t give up.The 69-year-old plotted a secret plan to make the Queen accept his chosen love.gettyimagesMr.... continued

A post shared by The Royal Family (@theroyalfamily) on Mar 22, 2018 at 10:39am PDTIt portrays Prince Charles as a petulant and arrogant man who insist... continued

Prince Harry and his older brother Prince William are always respective when it comes to their late mother, and try to commemorate her deeds and life ... continued

In less than a year, between 2016 and 2017, donations have dropped by about 50% from £7.7m in 2016.A post shared by Clarence House (@clarencehouse) on... continued

There have been many rumors that when Queen Elizabeth II turns 95, her son will take the lead.... continued

In the book, the Duke of York was portrayed as a petulant and downright spoiled royal.gettyimagesIn the last several days, excerpts from the book have... continued

It turns out the royal has embraced a luxury lifestyle.The heir to the throne is said to travel with truckloads of luggage, change his outfits many ti... continued

As a consequence, they decided to ignore Carole Middleton on social occasions.Prince William was “infuriated” with the treatment of his mother-in-law,... continued

They met first in 1970, but they were only able to tie the knot 35 years later.... continued

This will be the last time when Queen Elizabeth II will be presiding as the head of the organization.gettyimagesIssues to be discussed at the meeting ... continued

And now, he’s back with the same mission, opening the site in Llanelli.... continued

But when it comes to campaigns, no one is used to see more than one representative of the royal family there.... continued

Apparently, He Had A Forbidden Secret Of His OwnThere has been a lot of controversy surrounding her future title, but the royal commentator Richard Fi... continued