Prince Harry

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But before marrying Meghan Markle and becoming a family man, he was known as a true royal rebel.... continued

After the announcement of their engagement, they repeatedly demonstrated their warm feelings in public.... continued

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While they dealt with their own grief and pain, there were a lot of things they could not really understand back then.... continued

The speculation surrounding the subject has reached another level when a TV psychic made a prediction about the time when the newlyweds will share the... continued

With more details being released from now and then, the curiosity levels are high as to what to expect from the Queen’s granddaughter and her Lo... continued

We didn’t stop dreaming about the stunning wedding dress, and still remember the heart-warming moment when the lovebirds exchanged their rings, ... continued

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will make another exciting public appearance.... continued

However, among dozens of warm wishes, Harry received one which was not so pleasant.... continued

But for Meghan Markle, her wedding to the British prince was just the beginning.... continued

Her outfits are often sold out and copied by millions of royal fans.... continued

From the very beginning and until recently they haven’t been shy to demonstrate their feelings publicly by holding hands or exchanging gestures ... continued

This special event is organized to celebrate children suffering serious illness who continue to provide inspiration to other people.... continued