Prince Harry

One of Prince Harry’s closest friends Charlie van Straubenzee tied the knot with his beloved Daisy Jenks and the royal couple was one of the man... continued

Her Majesty and her relatives are the owners of profitable estates, numerous jewelry collections, and various masterpieces, estimated in several billi... continued

The news about their engagement had caught off guard many fans of the royal family and the TV series "Suits" star, but the more often they a... continued

The couple joined the wedding celebration of the Duke’s childhood friend Charlie van Straubenzee.... continued

However, the public is curious about other aspects of their personal life as well.... continued

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Actually, according to the, members of the most famous family in the world didn’t have any surnames up until 1917.... continued

Could the couple’s kids inherit hemophilia, a rare blood clotting disorder that once plagued the British royal family and other European royal h... continued

We are not body language experts but decided to take a try and analyze Prince Harry and Elton John’s relationships during their recent public ap... continued

It is known from their words that Meghan and Prince Harry are willing to become parents as soon as possible.... continued

Previously, she prepared an unusual gift for their wedding - a neoprene picnic rug which featured an iconic Australian landscape from West Australian ... continued

Now, the ginger royal is staging a charity polo match in order to raise funds and help African children, who live with this terrifying disease.... continued

  Публикация от Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) 21 Май 2018 в 6:51 PDT Here is what renowned Russian genetic scientist Evgen... continued

On Tuesday, he arrived in Amsterdam for the International AIDS Conference, where he joined the music legend, Elton John.... continued

Recently, on behalf of his charity Sentebale, the royal traveled to Lesotho for a very important event.... continued

But there’s one detail in his appearance that may give away his age.... continued

The internet and mass media are swarmed with information about every tiny detail connected to the happy couple: their appearance, manners, mishaps, or... continued