Prince Harry

The incident occurred in the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris, France.... continued

What a surprise: the recently revealed royal photo features Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton standing near the cheerful royal who seems to be on the s... continued

This time, the Duchess of Sussex is under scrutiny for trying to hold Prince Harry's hand during Young Leaders Reception at Buckingham Palace.... continued

At least, we knew something about the wedding before it happened.... continued

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Many of us still remember how fragile and sensitive he was after the passing of his mother, Princess Diana.... continued

And even back in 2004 when he was younger, he was aware of them problem and tried to contribute to solve it.... continued

It is as though these 2 decades after Lady Di’s tragic departure, as well as Prince Charles’s new marriage with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwa... continued

The story of their friendship started back in 1981, when they met at Prince Andrew's birthday party at Windsor Castle.... continued

and Prince Harry were recently announced to have a private conversation just before the wedding.... continued

In her image, there was everything – class, independence, and honor.... continued

Besides her neither being British or a royal, the duo seemed quite affectionate towards each other, especially in public.... continued

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a beautiful wedding and can finally call themselves a husband and a wife.... continued

They have been married for over a month now, but they were all over each other at the Royal Ascot yesterday.... continued

The parade of incredible hats and outfits is one of the most exciting parts of the event for the spectators.... continued

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According to Meghan Markle’s father, he and Harry had several phone conversations in the course of which they discussed pretty exciting topics.... continued