Prince William

Their attitude towards each other will never be appealing again, as since early ages Diana’s son didn’t approve his father’s behavio... continued

While they dealt with their own grief and pain, there were a lot of things they could not really understand back then.... continued

But when it comes to the rules for raising kids, William and Kate appear to be rather strict parents.... continued

But that’s what Princess Diana had to do in 1995 after she separated from Prince Charles.... continued

We know that he’s a fan of police cars and helicopters, but there’s another thing the 5-year-old has developed a keen interest in recently... continued

Now the prince is planning to revisit the place where it all happened for a special reason.... continued

Recently, the royal announced he is launching a new project, focused on mental health at a workplace and dedicated to help employers support staff wit... continued

Recently, he has shared a sweet detail about his kids when attending an event, held outside Buckingham Palace.... continued

That's right, both Prince William and Kate Middleton have scars on the left side of their heads.... continued

Princess Diana died exactly 21 years ago today in Paris after an accident en route the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel with her rumored lover Dodi... continued

Kate and William met in college – they studied together at St.... continued

Her dedication is now seen in the eyes of her children.... continued

They seem to click so well that everyone wants to know the secret of their success.... continued