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Princess Charlotte

And we are not the only ones who think so as she is quite a trendsetter in the kids fashion world and is worth $4.3 billion to the British economy tha... continued

Elizabeth II confessed that three-year-old Charlotte likes to boss her elder brother around.... continued

When you look at the photos of the two royals, you can see an uncanny resemblance, as they share similar facial features.... continued

They are taught the rules of etiquette and are involved in a number of duties.... continued

Actually, the school choice caused confusion among royal watchers since her brother George went to Thomas's Battersea.... continued

These kids have won the hearts of millions – not only they are nice and well-mannered, but they also have the peculiar charm, allowing them to l... continued

By that rule, Prince Louis would have moved Princess Charlotte down to fifth place with Prince George, Prince William and Prince Charles coming before... continued

Why does the duchess, who can afford to dress her children in accordance with the latest trends, keep dressing them in such rather old-fashioned outfi... continued

Even though he doesn’t know he will become a king someday, his childhood is far from the normal as he has been growing up under the paparazzi&rs... continued

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Or maybe, it is all about us, adults, who are always so busy and full of everyday duties that we don’t really pay attention to the kids.... continued