Princess Diana

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For many years, the public has been discussing the spouses' mutual infidelity, as well as the fact that each of them was unhappy in the marriage, ... continued

Especially when it is about the British royal family, the most popular in Europe and far abroad.... continued

Very recently, around the 20th anniversary of her passing, the firefighter who treated her after the crash, revealed the princess' last words and ... continued

Their attitude towards each other will never be appealing again, as since early ages Diana’s son didn’t approve his father’s behavio... continued

While they dealt with their own grief and pain, there were a lot of things they could not really understand back then.... continued

But royals are the same people as we are: they get married, divorce, have children, make mistakes, etc.... continued

But that’s what Princess Diana had to do in 1995 after she separated from Prince Charles.... continued

Some people believe that Prince Charles and Lady Di’s marriage was completely devoid of love, while others remain convinced that the couple stil... continued

gettyimages The magnificent ivory white dress was meticulously designed by renowned David and Elizabeth Emanuel.... continued

But when we turn the pages of history, many scandals, love affairs, and betrayals will spring upon us.... continued

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But despite his heartthrob status, the actor didn't have a complicated personal life, which once made for an amusing moment with Princess Diana.... continued

But when you are a member of the royal family, it’s even more complicated for many reasons.... continued

That same year, Andrew Morton's scandalous book, Diana: Her True Story, proved how unhappy Diana's marriage was.... continued