Queen Elizabeth

In fact, there are much more guidelines than you might expect, from customs governing what they can eat to what they can wear.... continued

The best part is that sometimes, siblings even don’t need words to express how they feel.... continued

By the way, she is considered to be the longest serving monarch in the British history.... continued

Her Majesty knew Diana ever since she was a little girl, since her father, the 8th Earl Spencer, had worked for the royal family long before her birth... continued

In addition, she mostly wears similar dresses and coats, which makes us wonder why there's so little to know variety in her wardrobe.... continued

They are taught the rules of etiquette and are involved in a number of duties.... continued

But few know that Diana's family had close ties with the British monarchs for several generations.... continued

She became an official member of the Royal Family in May 2018, when she married Prince Harry.... continued

Still, the royals share a lot in common with non-royals, like their love for summer vacation.... continued

But arguably, her most important accomplishment was becoming the longest reigning living monarch in the world.... continued

Fewer people had them while studying in colleges or universities.... continued

Weirdly as it sounds, scientists claim that dog owners, statistically speaking, live longer.... continued

As you know, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had to skip the event.... continued

Some of them are from her private collection, while the others belong to the crown.... continued