Queen Elizabeth

Lovers of romance have eagerly pointed out that the couple seem madly in love, as they are known to show public displays of affection often.... continued

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She and Prince Harry often hold hands, her engagement dress didn't adhere to royal standards, and she still fails to wear pantyhose.... continued

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her birthday at Royal Albert Hall with thousands of invited people and, of course, the members of the royal family, whic... continued

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The center was opened in 1958 in order to provide help and support to widows and widowers of the two world wars.gettyimagesREAD ALSO: Prince Charles M... continued

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She was educated at Buckingham Palace but moved to Windsor Castle upon the outbreak of World War II.gettyimagesThe younger sister of Queen Elizabeth I... continued

The Queen's annual income for 2017 is estimated at £76 million, and it will increase by £6 million in 2018 owing to the stellar performance by the Cro... continued

But do the two still live together?gettyimagesActually, the couple has many homes, such as Windsor Castle, Wood Farm, and, of course, Buckingham Palac... continued

So far, it seems that Meghan has been well received, especially by the one person who matters the most, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.A post shared ... continued

But there are some suggestions that she might.... continued

The royal rocked a bold shade of orange as she visited London’s Royal Academy of Arts.Usually, the monarch is seen wearing delicate pastel shades.... continued