Ryan Reynolds

But that is by far the least thing they have going for them.    Met some magical, innovative, badass people last night.... continued

She knows exactly how to send the right message with her outfits, and fans really cannot get enough.    Take your family to wo... continued

gettyimages Her stunning outfit In the recently-organized event, the Gossip Girl alum amazed many when she walked the red carpet in a magnificen... continued

After years of focusing on comedies, the 41-year-old actor got used to joking around all the time, even about the things he cares about.... continued

They attend premieres together, gush about each other in interviews, and hilariously interact with each other on social media.... continued

And Ryan Reynolds knows this better than anybody else.The 41-year-old Canadian actor found out an unusual way to wish Zayn Malik a happy birthday.... continued

Blake’s recent Instagram post is a vivid proof of that.gettyimagesBlake trolls Ryan’s Christmas cookiesДопис, поширений Blake Lively (@blakelively) 31... continued

The actor is always tweeting and sharing the most unusual tips about parenting and fatherhood.At every chance, he cracks jokes about his daughters.It'... continued

But there are so many celebrities in Hollywood who look alike that being recognized by someone does not always mean that person knows who you really a... continued

In front of the holiday, people usually think how to get it all done as there are so many things to do.... continued