Salma Hayek

However, in her recent photos, she doesn’t look older than 40.... continued

The actress and former model just turned 52, and celebrated the day with her family and friends in an intimate, fun party.... continued

The unexpected ceremony was prepared by the actress’ spouse as a surprise.... continued

However, there are some who provide the precious food for discussions by themselves, thus controlling the amount of information leaking into the publi... continued

First, the ceremony was coming in the wake of the sexual misconduct revelations sweeping America.... continued

In fact, animals become our most loyal companions, our best friends, and even a fundamental part of the home.... continued

She even picks up strays on a regular basis.... continued

She loves to share beauty tips, especially now that she has launched her own line of cosmetics, CVS.... continued

But her eternally youthful face and beautiful smile seem to hide her age incredibly well.... continued

As people with a big influence in the world, whose lives are closely followed by millions, celebrities can do a lot to raise awareness about the situa... continued