Sarah Ferguson

It's been over 20 years and Prince Philip still loathes Sarah Ferguson for dragging the family name through the mud with her scandal back in 1992.... continued

They have chosen to remain close enough to cause speculations about a rekindled romance.... continued

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Except now she manages to do it without the help of her former husband, Prince Andrew.... continued

However, the two ladies are connected way beyond simple friendship.... continued

It’s a place where people can exchange thoughts and experience as well as watch some of the most exciting horse races.... continued

The Duke and Duchess of York have been living together on the Windsor premises for a long time after their divorce, and now, Sarah made a life-changin... continued

Fans of the royal family have watched keenly from the very beginning, and now, all signs are pointing to one thing.... continued

She might have gotten used to being snubbed at official royal events, but Fergie will play a key role at her daughter’s wedding.... continued

Since then, the Duchess of York has not appeared at official events with other members of the royal family.... continued

But that has not stopped her from staying involved in the life of her family members.... continued

And over the years, their relationship has become even more cordial.... continued

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