The experience of trying to give a defiant baby some medicine he or she needs can be frustrating, so parents often have to come up with various tricks... continued

In fact, there are so many ways a newborn’s hair can look — and even more ways it can change in the first two years of a child's ... continued

What makes his death even more heartbreaking is the fact that it could have been prevented.... continued

Unfortunately, many children are hospitalized daily for various reasons.... continued

She discovered she was pregnant with twins just six weeks after giving birth to her first child.... continued

In most cases, it occurs due to sudden infant death syndrome or accidental deaths from suffocation.... continued

Oh, what some moms and dads wouldn’t do to get their little ones to sleep.... continued

In fact, the couple kept hush-hush about the tennis player’s pregnancy, so that it was surprise even for their close friends.... continued

Otherwise, even the smallest and simplest things can harm your baby, and you know it.... continued