The star of the movie Alexander openly tells us that his son James suffers from a rare genetic disorder, Angelman syndrome.... continued

Every day, simply going out on the street, we can meet a lot of different people, each having their own life story.... continued

Whether it’s a supermarket you walk into or a friend’s home you stopped by, you find that everywhere is already lit up with lights and oth... continued

We can’t help admiring how the lovebirds look at each other and hold hands in public (despite it breaks the royal etiquette).... continued

Many of your children will visit the educational establishment for the first time in their lives.... continued

Most often, they see their kid in the evenings after getting home from work exhausted, and may address their child with something like: "You&rsqu... continued

Just because you've had one child doesn't mean you know exactly what to expect the second time around.... continued

But let us ask you about one little detail: do you use a metal brush to clean the grill grates.... continued