Some women choose to make it even more so by giving birth in the comfort of their homes.... continued

But the joy of expecting a baby often changes to anxiety, especially if the baby is going to be the first.... continued

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meghan markle, prince harry, the royal family, commonwealth tour, celebrities... continued

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More precisely, the announcement of the duchess’s pregnancy.... continued

It takes a lot of courage for transgender people to talk about it publically, and when they do, they open themselves up to criticism and even abuse.... continued

In particular, the public is anticipating the news from young families, whose members have real prospects of ascending the throne in the future.... continued

But this year, she will not only be celebrating her first wedding anniversary but the birth of her first child as well, who is due someday in October.... continued

However, the public is curious about other aspects of their personal life as well.... continued

gettyimages Pippa is expecting her first child After weeks of speculations, the sister to the Duchess of Cambridge finally confirmed that she wa... continued

Moreover, this addiction has a negative effect on reproductive health in particular.... continued

But there are more indicators of an early pregnancy.... continued