Those who can’t don’t’ have naturally strong nails have to enlarge them to be in trend.... continued

Her name is Ayanna Williams and the combined length of her fingernails is 18 ft 10.9 in, and she has grown them for roughly 20 years.... continued

This problem is often seen in smokers, for instance.... continued

Does the way you file the nails somehow affect their health.... continued

Many women take a good care of their nails but often ignore their toenails, which should also look neat and beautiful.... continued

Dark shades are trending in autumn and winter, whereas in spring and summer, bright and juicy tones are the hit of the season.... continued

However, this common condition can not only be associated with fungal infections, as it is commonly believed but also have far more serious causes and... continued

But sometimes, this common beauty procedure can go horribly wrong and put your health in danger.... continued

At the same time, you can become famous by getting into the Guinness Book of Records, similarly as it happened to Shridhar Chillal, the Indian citizen... continued

Many women then stopped using the build-up, replacing it with this better way to make their precious nails beautiful.... continued

Fish pedicure is, probably, one of the most peculiar trends in beauty industry.... continued

Although typically these fungi do not pose a threat to our health, they can overgrow or change and become a cause of fungal infection due to cert... continued

A lot of women all over the world prefer gel nail polish because it is convenient, practical, and lasts 4 times longer.It is so good to forget about a... continued

Therefore, your number 1 task is not to ignore it.... continued

And they create an environment for something more than just discomfort: bacterial and fungal infections.... continued

Not only are they unsightly and uncomfortable, but they also increase the risk of a bacterial or fungal infection.... continued