However, some people like popping them so much that they simply can’t stop.... continued

Most of us had pimples on the face and body during puberty, but some people suffer from them in adulthood.... continued

Even when acne is localized to places less visible than the face, there is nothing pleasant about it.... continued

The only areas of your skin that can’t be affected by acne are your palms and soles.... continued

But sometimes, acne on our face makes us feel upset about the way we look.... continued

On the top of that, you are also likely to deal with the worst enemy of all teenagers – acne.via GIPHYAlmost 8 in 10 teens have acne (as well as many ... continued

They may have glamorous wardrobes, luxurious houses, and personal stylists, but there's one thing they share with normal people: skin problems.... continued

Many people think that this has helped Kendall gain several fashion contracts, namely with Estée Lauder, La Perla, and Adidas.Embed from Getty Imagesw... continued

But fans were more focused on what was on her face, and she soon became a trending topic as a result.gettyimagesKendall Jenner's acneSince pictures of... continued