First Lady

It sounds like a crazy thing to say, but in reality, many politicians, actors, and business people are rumored to use doubles for various reasons.... continued

When he was just three years old, he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.... continued

She should attend charity events, organize events in the White House, follow her husband on trips and do many other things contributing to the image o... continued

One Twitter commentator noted that the current FLOTUS has considerably fewer people on her staff.... continued

Since most of them take place in the White House, there is no need for small handbags for Melania Trump.... continued

Moreover, you may witness hardly any mistake in her choice of clothes.... continued

Moreover, this incredible woman managed to earn love and admiration beyond the borders of one country.... continued

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During the annual world music day festival, she organized a special concert to entertain 1,500 guests, who registered on the presidency’s websit... continued

But what does a couple give to each other to celebrate 72 years of marriage.... continued

One of the things many people are interested in is how she manages to stay so youthful and glowing at the age of 48.... continued