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Hillary Clinton

Among other things, Daniels says the book will present an undiluted version of her encounter with President Donald Trump, and the affair she claims to... continued

During live discussions, the 70-year-old talked about the Trump’s immigration policy and the presidents meeting with another political leader, V... continued

Apart from delicious food and dancing, there were also some burning issues addressed on the main stage.... continued

Who is going to run for the president of the United States next time.... continued

To date, every single living former FLOTUS has voiced her displeasure at the new policy.... continued

However, she admits it was really hard to overcome the depression that developed in the result.... continued

She is known to have spoken strongly against anti-discrimination legislation in the US and was an advocate for women’s rights.... continued

But it’s hard not to notice the similarity that Melania Trump and Hillary Clinton share.Both ladies have stood by their husbands facing sexual allegat... continued

They both stand by husbands accused of sexual misconduct.Surely, they are not the only presidential wives to face this humiliation (see Jackie Kennedy... continued

There, the 70-year-old didn’t miss a chance to pick over a recent history of 2016 election and talked about her loss.A post shared by Hillary Clinton ... continued

The hilarious gag saw different celebrities reading lines from the recently released book by Michael Wolff, Fire and Fury.@HillaryClinton and other ce... continued

And nothing has changed in the women's category as it is the 16th consecutive title for Hillary Clinton.Gallup pollGallup poll has been done since 194... continued