Kids are born without life experience, so they are more prone to getting into various troubles.... continued

For the most part, SWAT has come to employing methods erstwhile reserved for military units.... continued

The incident happened at a lot owned by a local a Boys and Girls Club.... continued

Sometimes, our four-legged companions also need their help, and they’ll rush in to save the day without any hesitations.... continued

This is very dangerous as a car gets hot under the sun, and those on the inside can get a heat shock and suffocate, since they are unlikely to get out... continued

15-year-old "wife" Earlier this week, a man was approached by police for parking in a handicapped space, and none of the parties was... continued

Most of us are used to the fact it is needed to call cops when something really serious is happening.... continued

Erin Austin didn’t see them coming until a woman called the police over her 8-year-old daughter.... continued

This time, police departments are participating in a Lip Sync Battle challenge.... continued

But only police will be able to tell for sure whether it was a crime at all.... continued