Royal Family

It’s interesting what do they eat, what do they do during a day and even what do they wear at home.... continued

gettyimages The couple both attended the Commonwealth Games in Australia to prepare for their future role as King and Queen of Britain.... continued

But as it turns out, those rules are being broken all the time, especially when emotions come to play.... continued

Becoming a part of the family which breathes tradition might look like a challenge for the American beauty, but she managed to change some of the old ... continued

But did you know there’s one the Queen doesn’t want anybody to see.... continued

She was spotted crossing her legs during the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards.... continued

Ever since the royal wedding took place, eagle-eyed social media always closely followed the Duchess of Sussex's appearance looking for signs... continued

To be more specific, men, who do anything that's possible to be with the women they love.... continued

When you look at the photos of the two royals, you can see an uncanny resemblance, as they share similar facial features.... continued

meghan markle, prince harry, royal family, pregnancy, celebrities... continued

meghan markle, prince harry, the royal family, commonwealth tour, celebrities... continued

prince harry, meghan markle, duke and duchess of sussex, the royal family, harry and meghan... continued