Royal Family

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That same year, Andrew Morton's scandalous book, Diana: Her True Story, proved how unhappy Diana's marriage was.... continued

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And we bet she's good at it considering Her Majesty has 8 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.... continued

According to these rules, people living in the palace are obliged to behave in a certain way.... continued

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In yet another interview to The Sun, the former lighting director opened up about what he thought about the royals’ secrecy.... continued

However, a person may behave so perfectly that the public starts generating various conspiracy theories, trying to accuse their leader of certain sins... continued

It’s no secret that today the most popular representatives of the British nobility are Kate and Megan.... continued

Instead, they should refer to her as ‘Your Majesty’ or simply ‘Ma’am.’ But, as it turned out, even the royal family memb... continued

The Queen’s daughter is the most hard-working nobility in the family, as each year she has more than 450 engagements on her calendar.... continued

Just recently, the 74-year-old has complained in an interview to The Mail that the royals were intentionally denying him access to his daughter Meghan... continued

Notably, Prince Charles is the first royal heir to have a university degree.... continued