Royal Family

Virtually every other day, something new happens.... continued

If you're like Sheldon Cooper from the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, fasten your seatbelt: This will be a pleasurable ride down the royal history tracks... continued

Whoever accused the Royal Family of being those is certainly misinformed; not when you see the scintillating appearances they put out on the red carpe... continued

What Queen Elizabeth does to keep herself in good health.... continued

With obligations to the family, and then to the others and what have you.... continued

The British royal family has had a couple of milestones in 2017 but will surely remember it by good.via GIPHYThe Duke of Edinburgh retires.gettyimages... continued

Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, they were greeted by hundreds of citizens, tourists, and, of course, photographers.... continued

Just recently, the future royal impressed people with her choice of outfit for the official engagement portrait with Prince Harry and the festive pre-... continued

It could also be a private journey around the world during which they took part in a social evening with the rulers of the country.... continued

Actually, Harry and Meghan are not the first to do so.As we know, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are also changing the standards in the Kensington Pala... continued

Well, this story doesn't only happen in fairy tales.... continued