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They go through so much physically and emotionally that it makes total sense for them to get a little bit more tender love and care during this period... continued

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But often, some either stand up and speak out or find some other way to make a statement.... continued

Many young women face their pregnancy completely unprepared for the reality of their situation.... continued

A shocking pregnancy announcement The Coronation Street star and his girlfriend, Levi Selby, are about to be parents.... continued

Over the years, women face constant criticism and are tagged as indecent for performing this natural act.... continued

as some people believe they should be illegal, while many women fight for their right to have a choice.... continued

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They might look aesthetically pleasing, but in most cases, they are not grounded in reality.... continued

However, among dozens of warm wishes, Harry received one which was not so pleasant.... continued

The report was a backed up by a study, conducted by the researchers of George Washington University.... continued

It does not look good at all and officials say it could get worse.... continued

One picture showed her and the President standing at a doorway with two US marines.... continued

If you want any proof, just check her recent action-packed movie, the “Peppermint.” But even though she is a tough cookie, there is s... continued