The money was part of a hush agreement Daniels signed requiring her to stay silent about her alleged affair with Donald Trump in 2007.... continued

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Among other things, Daniels says the book will present an undiluted version of her encounter with President Donald Trump, and the affair she claims to... continued

The walk-out is coming after more than 27 women complained of sexual harassment at work.... continued

Some fled the danger and some stayed home, either unable or unwilling to leave.... continued

But you've got to be a hater or try real hard to ignore this new photo of baby Kardashians/Jenners.... continued

Democratic governor Jerry Brown hosted the event, and he is one of several state administrators hailed for standing up to the Trump administration on ... continued

Daniels claimed that her concern for her daughter’s safety motivated her to collect the $130,000 hush money from Trump attorney, Michael Cohen.... continued

A video of dad comfort-nursing his baby has Twitter users divided When a baby gets fussy, one way to comfort him or her is offering the nipple.... continued

In Denver, people started sharing a series of videos on Snapchat, revealing that the ground in some places was covered in snow and pea-sized hail.... continued

The 21-year-old mom shared a sweet moment with her little munchkin while getting her makeup done.... continued

Daniels claims she was involved with Trump between 2006 and 2007, although he vehemently denies the allegations.... continued

But charges relating to campaign finance violations might be of the most interest to Trump’s critics.... continued

Their relationship looks to be in a great place and they're clearly in love with their daughter, Stormi.... continued

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