Generally, a brain tumor is a growth of abnormal cells in the brain or surrounding tissue.... continued

Also known as compulsive skin picking, it causes a person to repetitively touch, pick, scratch, or dig at their own skin.... continued

But if there's a problem in the circulatory system, the blood flow can become reduced and cause a whole host of various symptoms throughout your b... continued

But people need to understand this: just because something is “natural”, it doesn’t automatically make it healthful and safe! A... continued

What makes his death even more heartbreaking is the fact that it could have been prevented.... continued

Nevertheless, they officially represent the whole country, and the population of that country.... continued

Until recently, the vast majority of patients suffering from this condition were elderly men and women.... continued

As reported by the Medical News Today, adult humans are 60 percent water, and our blood is 90 percent water.... continued

Kids are born without life experience, so they are more prone to getting into various troubles.... continued

There we communicate with family, relatives, friends, read the news and rest after a hard working day.... continued

However, for many of these brave men and women of the Armed Forces, it usually comes at a price.... continued

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He joined the long line of people who over the years got recognition for their outstanding contributions to humanity and society.... continued