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gettyimages According to media reports, busy working hours don’t prevent Mrs.... continued

Thus, one of his former assistants, Omarosa Manigault-Newman, stated in her book that the country leader is an unbalanced person indeed.... continued

However, former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman who got terminated in December 2017 shocked everyone by taking the left.... continued

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Several news outlets reported that the trademarks were approved just days after President Trump announced plans to help Chinese tech giant ZTE acceler... continued

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A few days later, the President finally signed an order that ended separation and reunited immigrant families.... continued

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While the two country leaders were discussing some urgent political issues, the First Ladies had a delightful teapot talk, probably discussing Letizia... continued

We all know that some of the people working at the White House aren’t very pleasant, and Kelly Sandler showed to be one of such when she comment... continued

And if you are a president’s daughter, does it influence your salary.... continued

This week I’ve been observing a sinkhole on the @WhiteHouse North Lawn, just outside the press briefing room, growing larger by the day.... continued

This unusually long disappearance made many people worry about the First Lady’s health status.... continued

So far, 23 school shooting took place where someone was injured or killed, according to CNN.... continued